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Gutter Cleaner

Living near a number of tall deciduous trees, every autumn we get a large number of leaves clogging up our gutters.

Researching products available to buy, they either seemed either too short, too expensive or ineffective for the task with poor customer reviews.

My solution was to design a tool that would fit onto a previously purchased extendable window cleaner.

Developing a design from initial sketches, I created 3D models of an adjustable scoop that would be interchangeable with the window cleaning head.
One version was designed for gutters that were accessible from the front, while the other had a head rotated 90 degrees for gutters that had restricted access and could only be reached from the side.

The final designs were then 3D printed in PLA, before successfully undergoing testing in my gutters.

The attachments have subsequently proven to be indespensible tools during the Autumn months.

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